Sirios Resources Inc.: Zone A Extension Grades 0.53% U3O8 on Upinor

Sirios Resources Inc.: Zone A Extension Grades 0.53% U3O8 on Upinor

SIRIOS RESOURCES INC. announces the results of its 2008 prospecting campaign on its UPINOR uranium property in James Bay, Quebec. A total of 156 grab-samples were collected including 142 samples along a new portion of the radioactive zone A of which 44 assayed more than 0.05% U3O8, including 36 assaying more than 0.07% U3O8, and 25 assaying more than 0.10 % U3O8. The best assay was 0.534 % U3O8 and to date, 5 km of zone A has been prospected. Of those samples, 21 are from a new 1.5 km long radioactive sub-zone located south of zone A and average 0.076% U3O8 with a maximum of 0.238% U3O8.

A prospecting program was carried out to investigate zone A, a pluri-kilometric radioactive target now extending approximately 10 km by 0.2-0.5 km thanks to the second helicopter-borne geophysical survey completed in June of 2008.

Field readings (Radiation Solution RS-120) reaching up to 35,900 cps (counts per second) characterize zone A. UPINOR’s uranium mineralization consists of disseminated uraninite, uranophane, apatite, molybdenite and biotite in metric low-dipping pegmatite-alaskite sills/dykes injected in paragneisses. The samples were collected and prepared by IOS Services Gã¯Â¿1/2oscientifiques Inc. of Saguenay, Quebec. They were assayed at the Saskatchewan Research Council laboratory.

These results are in addition to those previously released where 30 samples from the first 2 km of zone A returned up to 2.1% uranium oxide (ref.: 06/05/2008 and 02/26/2008 Press releases).

A twelve-hole helicopter-borne drilling program totalling 1,300 meters was completed on zone A over a 3 km-strike length. Radioactive drill core samples are still currently being processed at the Saskatchewan Research Council laboratory. Additional prospecting was also carried out on the zone A extension and on other targets this fall with results pending.

The UPINOR property is owned 50%-50% in partnership with Dios Exploration. It covers 450 square km in the LaGuiche Basin in James Bay, Quebec.

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