Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. Reports Favorable Results in Tests for Precious Metals

Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. Reports Favorable Results in Tests for Precious Metals

Texas Wyoming Drilling Inc., today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Legacy Rock, has begun concentrating, refining and testing precious metal ores at the Blue Jacket Mine as well as others.

As reported previously, the Company has several million dollars in equipment ready and waiting to be utilized. It has acquired financial partners ready to begin mining the gold and other precious metals.

Scott Whipple, President and Chief Operating Officer of Legacy Rock, says, “The ores we have been testing continue to show very promising values and great potential. We look forward to going into production. When we look at the abundance of Gold on this property, as well as Silver, Platinum and other Rare Earths, and multiply each by the price per ounce, we can anticipate a bright future for TWDL and all of its shareholders.” Proven results on reserves will be disclosed and confirmed by a Certified Geologist’s report as soon as testing is completed on our first 100,000 tons.

Legacy Rock, Inc., a diversified mineral and rock mining enterprise wholly owned by TWDL, had gross sales of over $1 Million in 2009. A sales report for 2010 is pending as soon as our Certified Audit is completed. TWDL has actively pursued expansion in 2010. Projects currently underway include mining to provide:

1. Spring Water for bottling. Renovations to accommodate our product line are near completion at the bottling plant. We will be producing juice flavored beverages fortified with vitamins and nutrients that will be marketed under the Brand Name Vita-Breezz©.

TWDL is negotiating a contract with a major advertising agency to market this product. There will initially be sales trials in four surrounding states, and the goal is to make Vita-Breezz© a household word nationally. Watch for our announcement and marketing plans that will be disclosed as soon as the contract is completed.

2. Rocks for decorative purposes and erosion. The Company is now providing rocks to control erosion for NV Energy (NVE) in the Southwest.

3. Calcium Carbonate which can be used in place of resin to make plastic bottles and to clean up oil spills. It also can be utilized to control erosion, among other things.

4. Gold for the huge investment market simulated by the perceived instability of the U.S. dollar.

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