Titan Oil and Gas, Inc.: Final Process Underway to Bring Eberle #1 Gas Well On-Line

Titan Oil and Gas, Inc.: Final Process Underway to Bring Eberle #1 Gas Well On-Line

Titan Oil and Gas, Inc. is pleased to announce the commencement of the final phase to bring its Eberle #1 gas well in Bastrop County, Texas, on-line, with a rig on its way to the site. With the successful conclusion of operations on the Eberle #1, preparations will be made to undertake development of an additional well in close proximity to it, where we will hope to obtain a similar result.

Previous operations in August proved successful. Gas production was achieved at appx. 5,000 feet, from what has been determined to be a Taylor Sand Formation. Lab results (shown below) have determined that this is “sweet” gas without measurable H2S content, which commands the highest price at market.

As earlier announced, wells in this area are best developed with hydraulic fracturing to obtain maximum production levels. This process was recommended in the In-Depth Bastrop County Report prior to commencement of operations, and will now be applied to bring the well on-line.

Visit: http://www.titanoilandgas.com/future.htm to view the full report.

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