Unico, Inc. Announces the Progress of Underground Rehabilitation Work at the Deer Trail Mine

Unico, Inc. Announces the Progress of Underground Rehabilitation Work at the Deer Trail Mine

Thursday, August 21st 2008

Unico, Incorporated, a natural resource company in the precious metals mining sector, today announced the recent progress of underground rehabilitation work at the Deer Trail Mine in Marysvale, Utah. The Deer Trail Mine is operated by Unico’s wholly owned Deer Trail Mining Company subsidiary.

The Deer Trail Mining Company has reported that rehabilitation work on the upper Deer Trail Mine #3 tunnel has begun. The #3 tunnel was used between 1915 and 1942 as a way to extract gold ore from the numerous stopes located throughout the #1 and #2 levels of the old Deer Trail Mine.

The cinder block walls used to support the ground around the entryway into the #3 portal have become deteriorated. After a complete evaluation, it was determined that rehabilitation work would be necessary to safely access the underground workings and series of mine drifts.

The cinder block walls have been removed and replaced with timber for the first 18 feet. The tunnel width was expanded to accommodate larger mine equipment. As an added security measure, new steel gates have been installed to secure the underground workings from unauthorized access and prevent theft of underground equipment.

Future mining plans include the intention of the company to utilize the #3 tunnel of the Deer Trail Mine as a means of escape from the lower 8600 area of the PTH tunnel and to evaluate the potential of the low grade gold ore remaining in the old workings.

The timber that was used to secure the ground around the #1 tunnel has been removed and replaced. Widening of the tunnel entry to accommodate newer mining equipment was also undertaken. Future planning is underway to evaluate the sub levels above the #1 tunnel, and new steel gates have been installed.

A complete inspection of the 3400 escape shaft of the PTH tunnel has been completed. Repairs to several sections of the wooden ladders were completed, and the piping that provides water from the surface down the escape raise was repaired and tested. A new phone line was installed to provide communications with the surface and the underground. Fencing has been installed around the surface portion of the escape raise to provide additional security.

“Underground work and exploration is an important element of management’s overall plan to develop the Deer Trail property, and we are pleased to report this additional progress in preparation for future underground mining activities at the site,” commented Mark A. Lopez, chief executive officer of Unico, Inc.

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