Wind power: Frisco’s future

Wind power: Frisco’s future

On Sept. 29 the Town of Frisco and Renewable Choice Energy finalized a contract for wind-power credits equaling the Town’s annual electrical usage. This means all the electrical power used in the Town of Frisco’s operations will be replaced on the power grid by wind energy.

Tim Mack, Frisco’s public works director, said the wind credits purchased from Renewable Choice will equal 100 percent of the Town’s electrical energy for one year. That means the energy output from the street lights, buildings, water system, wells and the treatment plant will be replaced by wind energy on the power grid, effectively ”zeroing out” Frisco’s electrical usage.

The wind-power credit purchase is equal to 1,400,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, or 100 percent of Frisco’s electrical demand for a year. On a yearly basis, that keeps 1,948,800 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. The wind-power credits are equivalent to not driving a car 2,127,500 miles or taking 615 commuters off the road for one year.

Though Frisco can’t disclose the financial terms of its contract with Renewable Choice, Mack said the wind-power credit purchase is not considerably more expensive than traditional electric energy.

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