Fraser Institute seeking responses to worldwide upstream petroleum survey

Fraser Institute seeking responses to worldwide upstream petroleum survey

The Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading independent research organization, is soliciting responses to its first international upstream petroleum survey.

Based on the popular Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies, the Worldwide Upstream Petroleum Survey is designed to help measure and rank the investment climate of various oil and gas producing regions.

“The information we get from the companies responding will give us a clear picture of the jurisdictions that are enacting policies that encourage oil and gas exploration and the development of an upstream petroleum industry,” said Gerry Angevine, senior economist with The Fraser Institute’s Centre for Energy Policy Studies.

“And like the Institute’s mining survey, we hope it can also be used to highlight to policymakers the kinds of actions that discourage investment in the oil and gas sector.”

Information collected in the survey will be used as part of a final study on the relative attractiveness of various international oil and gas jurisdictions to be released in November 2007.

The Institute’s Centre for Energy Policy Studies is requesting input from companies ranging from the world’s leading oil and gas firms to junior companies involved in only a small number of jurisdictions. This broad group will ensure that the survey results contribute to a meaningful and comprehensive study.

“I hope people in the industry take advantage of this opportunity to play a vital role in a study and add to the knowledge and understanding of one of the world’s most exciting industries,” Angevine said.

Anyone involved in upstream oil and/or gas operations who is interested in providing comments and opinions regarding the various jurisdictions within which their organization is investing or thinking of investing, can fill out an on-line survey at Deadline for responding is July 13, 2007.

All survey respondents will be entered into a draw for $1,000 (US) and will also receive a complementary copy of the study once it is complete.

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