Neohydro Technologies Corp. Ready to Begin Pilot Project in Utah

Neohydro Technologies Corp. Ready to Begin Pilot Project in Utah

Neohydro Technologies Corp. announce the first pilot project for the portable “Rover™” waste water recycle / reuse unit.

Dean Themy CEO states, “After the successful roll out of our first assembly line “Rover™” unit, we are extremely pleased to announce the first Pilot Project with H2O Waste Management Corporation (H20WMC) of Salt Lake City, Utah. After comprehensive testing and evaluation on our prototype units, H2OWMC has agreed to begin a pilot project in the Uinta Basin oil and gas play. We are enthusiastic about the potential for market penetration in this up and coming region where there were over 1,000 new well permits issued just this year with a total of about 6,200 producing well sites just in this region. If successful, H20WMC may require an initial order of up to 10 units of the “Rover™” just to begin servicing this small region of the Uinta Basin.”

The Uinta Basin is known as a drought region, which is facing heavy demands on its water infrastructure, which is required for the recovery process by the oil and gas industry. With Neohydro Technologies’ “Rover™”, it will allow its oil and gas customers to re-use water up to four times, thus saving them with increasing fuel costs, water costs, transportation costs, and elevating any environmental concerns.

Re-using the water in this region will benefit all involved, oil and gas companies, the cities providing the water, and the environment. President of H2OWMC Mr. Demetri Politis states, “H2OWMC has done initial testing with Neohydro Technologies’ prototype equipment in the field and has done numerous case studies and laboratory testing. All testing proved extremely positive and we are convinced that the “Rover™” equipment is very viable in the market place of waste water recycling for re-injection. We are excited and looking forward to working with Neohydro Technologies on this Pilot Project and we see great benefits both economically and ecologically. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.”

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