Reduce coal use for power, Greenpeace urges India

Reduce coal use for power, Greenpeace urges India

Holding ‘excessive’ use of coal responsible for climate change, Greenpeace India Friday staged protests at a coal-based power plant here.

The demonstration at Ennore in north Chennai was part of a series of activities the Indian arm of Greenpeace, the international environment organisation, is undertaking to draw attention to the immediate threat from climate change.

‘Even the most efficient coal-fired power station emits more carbon dioxide than those using other fuels,’ Greenpeace campaigner Srinivas Krishnaswamy pointed out.

Coal is one of the highest emitters of carbon dioxide, which causes climate change, Greenpeace says.

‘Renewable energy sources can generate the required amount of electricity while not increasing carbon dioxide emissions and contributing to global warming.’

‘The future of millions of Indians, especially the poor, our coastal cities and the economy as a whole is being endangered by the irresponsible act of burning coal while climate friendly options exist,’ he added.

Greenpeace set up a photo exhibition and activists undertook a demonstration in the city.

It said, ‘Greenpeace wants subsidies to the Indian coal industry to be phased out.’

Greenpeace also demanded that 30 percent of the energy generated in India by the year 2030 should come from renewable sources. This should increase to 60 percent by 2050.

‘A declaration that India will undertake voluntary emission reductions and that the government will make public its implementation plans for such initiatives is also required immediately,’ Greenpeace said.

The total installed generating capacity from thermal power plants in Tamil Nadu accounts for 2,970 MW.

Greenpeace cited the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that says global average temperatures would rise between 1.1C and 6.4C above 1980-1999 levels by 2095 if emissions continue at present rates.

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