Ventyx Releases 2009 U.S. Coal Industry Map

Ventyx Releases 2009 U.S. Coal Industry Map

Ventyx®, the world’s largest private software, data and advisory services provider to the energy and utility industry, today announced the release of the new 2009 U.S. Coal Industry Map, providing the industry’s most comprehensive view of this vital sector of the U.S. energy industry.

Utilizing data from the industry-leading Ventyx Velocity Suite energy intelligence solution, the 2009 U.S. Coal Industry Map is designed to help customers better understand in geographic terms where coal is produced, where it is consumed and how it is transported.

“In many ways, coal sits at the center of the key issues challenging the energy industry today,” said Will Dailey, executive VP, Ventyx Energy Data, Intelligence & Advisory. “The coal industry has a lot at stake in the outcome of issues like cap and trade, state and federal renewable portfolio standards and the formulation of market rules around wind integration. And, certain regions will be affected more than others. Our U.S. Coal Industry Map provides the definitive picture of the industry and can provide answers to complex questions at a glance.”

The 2009 U.S. Coal Industry Map is a beautifully rendered 48-inches-by-92-inches, presentation-quality, full-color wall map including the following features:

* Coal Mines. Nearly 800 coal mines producing 100,000 tons in 2008 are identified with mine name, operator and owner–symbolized by production and surface/underground. * Electric Generating Facilities. More than 600 coal-fired power plants are clearly displayed according to coal consumption, scrubber status and terminating transportation options, and labeled with plant name and operator. * Proposed Generating Facilities. The latest data from Ventyx’s New Entrants product details 108 new plant developments or expansions. * Proposed Scrubbers. The map identifies proposed SO2 controls on both existing and proposed power plants. * Industrial Coal Consumers. The locations of nearly 500 major industrial coal consumers–by facility name as well as operating company–are also identified. * Detailed Data. Data tables show consuming plants and their operator, 2008 coal consumption and map location, mine operator/owner, production and map location, as well as industrial consumers by company, facility name and map location. * Basin-to-Plant Rail Distance. Average railroad distance from major coal supply regions to coal consuming plants is included. * Railroads. More than 160,000 miles of Class I and short-line railroads are displayed, clearly portraying joint-track and trackage rights. * Other Coal Transportation. The inland waterway system, mileposts and major coal trans-loading facilities are included. * Export/Import Ports. Ports are indicated by import/export status, as well as tonnages and mileage to major market centers. * Detailed Insets. Map offers enhanced detail of Appalachia and the Illinois Basin as well as a thematic map showing current and proposed utility plant consumption by quantity and source region.

* Reference Features. Cities, states, counties, coal basins and other reference features are provided, including the latest satellite imagery and elevation data for the truest display of the geography of the U.S. coal industry.

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