Amansie Ltd hands over Obotan mine properties

Amansie Ltd hands over Obotan mine properties

Professor Dominic Fobih, Minister of Forestry, Lands and Mines, on Monday asked district assemblies in mining areas to collaborate with prospective mining companies to plan the siting of their infrastructure, especially residential facilities to conform with the assembly’s development plans.

He said this would enable the assemblies make judicious use of the facilities for the benefit the people after the closure of the mine.

Professor Fobih, made the call at the handing over of landed properties belonging to the Obotan Gold Project to the Government by the management of Resolute Amansie Limited (RAL) at Manso-Nkran in the Amansie West District. He stressed the need for district assemblies in mining areas to be ever prepared to take over the properties after operations of the mines. Professor Fobih, called for proper documentation of all rightful landowners of mining concessions at the beginning of the mine’s operations to pay compensation to the rightful owners and avoid land litigation after its operations. He said there was the need to involve landowners in deciding the post mine use of the land, adding that, it was necessary to include the views of landowners at the beginning of the mining operations. Professor Fobih commended the management of RAL for discharging its obligations to the Government and fulfilling some of its social responsibilities to the communities within its operational area. Mr Nich Adi-Darko, a Director of the company, said the company had maintained a philosophy to community development and relations since it begun its operations in 1997. He said the company developed sustainable livelihood development projects in fish farming, citronella farming, and formation of Farmers Resources Centre and education programmes as well as the establishment of 25 cooperatives, which were currently operating within the area. Mr Adi-Darko said the company, completed reclamation to the stakeholder agreed completion criteria that were proven to meet ecological sustainability. Mr Paul Sowley, RAL Environmental Coordinator for Africa, said the mine had achieved successes by empowering local government and communities at the national, regional and local levels through a well-designed stakeholder involvement programme. He said in consultation with the stakeholders, the company had undertaken reclamation that demonstrated ecological sustainability.


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