Great Western Technologies Inc Receives DARPA Contract to Develop Aluminum-Based Structural Metal Alloys

Great Western Technologies Inc Receives DARPA Contract to Develop Aluminum-Based Structural Metal Alloys

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. announce that its US-based, wholly-owned subsidiary, Great Western Technologies Inc, (“GWTI”) of Troy Michigan, has been awarded a US $110,000 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract to develop a set of aluminum-based high strength alloys.

These alloys are a new class of materials that exploit the complex metal compounds that can be formed between rare earth elements and common metals such as aluminum and nickel. In the right circumstances and under good metallurgical control these alloys will produce miniscule precipitates that impart exceptional properties on aluminum alloys. These materials could eventually be used in applications that require low density and high strength such as fan blades or low pressure compressor blades in jet engines or for low-weight but high-strength automotive components. These applications are significant in improving power-to-weight ratios and therefore improving fuel efficiencies.

DARPA is the central research and development organization for the US Department of Defense. DARPA’s mission is to maintain the technological superiority of the US Military and prevent technological surprise from harming national security. DARPA provides funding for researchers in industry, universities, government laboratories and elsewhere to conduct high-risk, high-reward research and development projects that will benefit US national security.

GWTI is a specialized production facility based in Troy MI which produces rare earth materials, powders, and custom vacuum-grade specialty alloys. GWTI provides research and development, process development, consulting, and innovative products and services to clients worldwide. By developing a customized approach to each client’s processing needs, GWTI offers advanced solutions that lead to a better final product. GWTI has the capability to do Vacuum Induction Melting of special alloys containing reactive metals and in particular has experience of rare earth containing alloys that are sensitive to melting atmospheres.

Jim Engdahl, President and CEO of Great Western Minerals Group said, “Great Western Technologies is pleased to be a participant in this project. This contract will further demonstrate the capability of our facilities in the USA to develop specialized alloys for a wide range of applications, particularly as they relate to the development of more fuel-efficient and greener technologies. We look forward to the possibility of participating in larger contracts for DARPA upon the successful completion of this one.”

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