Houston Lake Mining Appoints IR Group for North American Development

Houston Lake Mining Appoints IR Group for North American Development

Houston Lake Mining Inc., an advanced exploration company seeking gold, platinum group and rare metal deposits in Ontario, is pleased to announce that it has retained the California-based firm of Incorporated Communications Services (“ICS”) to conduct media awareness and investor relations programs on behalf of the Company. Headed by Mr. Garry Pollack, ICS brings together a highly experienced team of market-development specialists in media relations, marketing and investor communications serving the natural resource and gold exploration sectors.

“We are pleased to add the Investor Relations expertise of ICS to Houston Lake Mining at a time when the company is attaining key benchmarks toward our objective of gold production at West Cedartree,” said E. Grayme Anthony, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that our focus on developing our promising gold projects will resonate with investors given the outlook for precious metals.”

The Company will pay ICS a monthly fee of US$7,000 for the one-year term of the Agreement, but has the right to cancel the agreement after the first six months of service, and/or extend it beyond the initial term. Pursuant to the agreement, Houston Lake Mining Inc. will also grant 250,000 incentive stock options to principals of ICS, at an exercise price of $0.40 subject to regulatory approval. ICS currently has no direct or indirect interest in securities of Houston Lake Mining Inc., or any right or intent to acquire such an interest otherwise than pursuant to the exercise of the referenced options.

Houston Lake is an advanced, vertically integrated resource exploration company. The Company is actively exploring for gold, platinum group metal and rare metal deposits in northwestern Ontario with a strategic focus on the West Cedartree gold project. Houston Lake’s objective is to become a gold producer by surface mining its West Cedartree gold project and developing its 100% owned and optioned properties. The Company has a total of 31,148,881 common shares issued and outstanding. For additional information, please visit www.houstonlakemining.com.

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