Europe, Canada pilot hydrogen buses

Europe, Canada pilot hydrogen buses

Six cities across Europe and Canada are taking part in a programme to test hydrogen buses for potential introduction into their transport systems.

London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and British Columbia will all see the environmentally
friendly buses take to their streets in a trial that could lead to more widespread adoption of the technology-advanced carriers.

Some London bus routes are already served by hydrogen buses, whose carbon-neutral fuel cell technology means they emit only water and produce no polluting carbon dioxide emissions.

Although expensive to introduce on a mass scale, hydrogen powered transport is considered by experts to be a major step in the quest to preserve sources of fossil fuels.

Jacques Barrot, vice president of the European Commission, said: “European transport policy seeks to develop mobility by disconnecting it from its harmful effects on the environment.

“Hydrogen for transport is one of the elements that will make this sustainable mobility policy possible.”

The EU’s CUTE project (Clean Urban Transport for Europe) is now drawing to a close and is said to have been a success, revealing strong potential markets for the new technology.

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